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elton show leopard 001

Julie, Sammy, Lemon & me Steptoes 2 winter 2004 (but which one is really the lemon)

me and the mad glasses crew 2006

Me & the mad glasses crew Steptoes 2 in 2005 great people we had ball that night

elton show pink 013

Me & Sammy the manager at Steptoes 2 (he’s Elton’s bitch)

staff 1 001

Me & the brilliant comedian Andy Rue dressing room Steptoes 1

staff 1 004

Jaime (manager Steptoes 1 ) Clare, me Donna & Teresa (Andy Rues wife)

dr death

The night Dr Death appeared on stage with me it was magician keith Spangles on a windup scared the hell out of me at first

cats, pool, me and vinny 026

Me & Vinny D.J. from Steptoes 2

vinny wig

Vinny on a mad one with the wig and glasses


Me. Mike & Vinny

amanda and martin 2006

Amanda, me & Martin July 2006 we had a great night at the Bryan Adams gig at Benidorm Bullring

betty brown step one aug 2006

Betty doing her Elton bit before the show “love the glasses sweetheart” Steptoes 1 Aug 2006

lisa brown step 1 aug 2006

Lisa going for it at Steptoes 1 summer 2006

keith and margaret

Keith Spangles the magician & Margaret spying on me you can catch their brilliant magic show in Benidorm

phil 2006

Me & Phil, he is a professional singer on the North Wales circuit Steptoes 1 summer 2006

daniel & ronnie

Daniel & Ronnie our youngest fans at the Elton John show here at Steptoes


Me & Julie September 2005 Steptoes 2

emma 3 at piano

Emma doing her Elton impression Steptoes 2

vicky beachcomber 1991

Vicky at the show in the Beachcomber North Wales you won’t believe it but this was 1991 nice top hat & tails

amber & jade

amber, me & jade Steptoes 2 october 2006

new show pictures 2 008

Me & Michael my musical director at steptoes 1

cats & xmas 2006 034

Daisy doing her elton impression with the glitter star glasses on

If your pets are bigger Elton John fans than Daisy & Ollie send in their pictures of them doing their Elton impression

danika, william,ashley

Danika, William & Ashley some of our younger fans at the Elton John Show

barbra & mike

Barbra, me & Mike Steptoes 1 March 2007


simon and fran show june 2007 001

My old mate simon at Steptoes 1 June 2007 without his guitar

simon and fran show june 2007 006

Paul & me Steptoes 1 June 2007

me and orbie 2006 009

Me & Dave ( Orby) Thomas brilliant Roy Orbison tribute show Steptoes 2 in 2005

me and the mad glasses crew 2006 no2

Me & the mad glasses crew Steptoes 2 in 2005

secrurity lads

Gordon, Tony, me, Chris & bernie the night they presented me with the Nikita gold disc

staff 1 002

Me & Clare barstaff at Steptoes 1

staff 1 005

Teresa, me & Donna

me and sammy with disc

Me and Sammy with the Nikita gold disc

vinny ivo me

Vinnys mate Ivo from Bulgaria, me & Vinny

jack elt 006

Little Jack auditioning for the young Elton John Tribute show

jane kids dennis 001

Bethany, Leanne, Dennis, Jane, Emily, Philip & me


Me & Kirstie Steptoes 1 Summer 2006 what a great night we had

lisa & betty brown from yeovil 24th aug 2006

Lisa & Betty from Yeovil with me, August 2006 at Steptoes 1, good seeing you guys again hope to see you next year

guys from blaenau ffestiniog

Me & the guys from Blaenau Ffestiniog Sept 2005 outside Steptoes 2

maureen from plymouth 2006 july

The lovely Maureen from Plymouth, July 2006, I now need a picture of Bob


Me & the lovely Paula, Phil’s wife from North Wales summer 2006 Steptoes 1

sue & kath 2006

Sue, Me & Kath Steptoes 2 summer 2006 thanks for the sexy knickers, i felt like Tom Jones that night

emma 3 2006

Me & Emma 2006 Steptoes 2

peter 3 at piano

Peter doing his Elton bit Steptoes 2

amber & jade.2 jpg

amber, me & jade Steptoes 2, october 2006

suzie gibb 3

suzie gibb brilliant female hypnotist at the show january 2007 steptoes 1

me and danika

Me & Danika steptoes 2

cats & xmas ollie website

Ollie doing his olton john impression

mike and me

Me & my old mate Mike

ronnie, amy, tyler

Ronnie,me, Amy & Tyler Steptoes 1 April 2007

simon and fran show june 2007 005

My old mate Fran at Steptoes 1 June 2007

simon and fran show june 2007 00202

My old mate simon at Steptoes 1 June 2007

me and orbie 2006 007

Me & Dave Orby jamming to Crocodile Rock Steptoes 2 in 2005

me and the mad glasses crew 2006 no3

Me & the mad glasses crew Steptoes 2 in 2005

elton show leopard 002

The Lemon with his hat on makes a guest appearance, he went mouldy after a few months

staff 1 003

Me & Donna who used to work with us at Steptoes

staff 1 006

Yvonne, me & Michael the D.J. from Steptoes 1

staff 2

Brilliant comedy impressionist Mickey Lewis, me and greg (Peter Crouch) the waiter from steptoes 2

vinnys pics 008

Me & Vinnys girlfriends parents from Bulgaria

me and jane

Me & Jane

jane kids dennis 002

Me & Our Dennis

sam and chris

Me, Sam & Chris Steptoes 1 Summer 2006 another brilliant night

chris schofield 24th aug 2006

Chris Schofield at the piano doing his own Elton impression 24th August 2006 Steptoes 1

glenys from blaenau ffestiniog

My old mate Glenys from Blaenau Ffestiniog getting to grips with things


My mate Richard & me Sept 2005 outside Steptoes 2

the gang

Margaret, me, Paula & Keith Spangles the Magician, 2006 Steptoes 1

les 2006

Les & Me Steptoes 2 summer 2006 the setup with the knickers was brilliant & your star glasses looked the part

peter 3

Me & Peter 2006 Steptoes 2

peter and emma 3

Peter, Me & Emma 2006 Steptoes 2 cool guys and a good laugh

mrs shaft (brenda)

me & mrs shaft (brenda) it all started with me, dj paulo & a sponge affro microphone shield a few years ago (shaft)

danny suzie and jaime

Danny downing (comedian) suzie gibb (hypnotist) & jaime (manager steptoes 1) january 2007

me and elizabeth

Me & Elizabeth steptoes 2

me and bill

Me & Bill Steptoes 1 March 2007

me and mavis 2

Me & mummy Mavis Steptoes 1 March 2007

angel 1

Me & Angel on the night of her birthday at Steptoes 1

simon and fran show june 2007 003

Emma & me Steptoes 1 June 2007

brandon & brad

Brandon & brad looking cool at steptoes 1 May 2007

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